LPC Bylaws Report

The LPC Convention is just around the corner and that means we’ll be voting on changes to the bylaws! I was on the Bylaws Committee this year and I’ve shared some of my thoughts in this youtube video.

You can can find the full text of the official bylaws report below.

2019 Bylaws Committee Report-Final 1.25.19 (1) (2)

One of the the important roles executive committee officers fill is to participate in committees at the state level.  This past year, I was on way too many committees – but the roles needed to be filled and I was happy to step up and do the work. If I’m elected as Southern Region Coordinator next year, I hope to stay on the Social Media Committee, Candidate Support Committee, and possibly the Bylaws Committee. If elected, I would be on the Affiliate Support Committee by default, because of the role that I’d play supporting and growing affiliates.

What Is Operation First Steps?

Everyone in Los Angeles County is talking about the Libertarian Party’s “Operation First Steps.”  What is it, exactly?  Operation First Steps is a plan to get libertarians elected to local offices.  I’m leading the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles’ effort to impact real, measurable change in local policy.  This means identifying winnable races and running successful campaigns.

Why local offices?

For a small party like us, small races are where we should be focusing.  We have the budget, volunteers, and other resources necessary to start making an impact in local taxes, zoning and regulation issues.   Los Angeles is one of the most expenses places to live in the country – and it’s because of our local government.  Oppressive parking regulations, high sales tax, aggressive zoning restrictions, outrageous, multi-tiered small business taxes, and crony-controlled development are just a few of the tyrannical problems we face with Los Angeles City Council.

We’re fighting to fix it!

With the right tools and right leadership, change is possible.  We can start to scale back government encroachment, save our paychecks, and grow the party.  It’s my hope that I can share my strategies with the other counties in Southern California so libertarians can start to see a wave of change sweep across California.

I’m Running for Southern Region Coordinator at the LPC Convention

The Libertarian Party of California’s internal elections are April 5 -7th in Concord, CA. I’m running for Southern Region Coordinator, and I need your vote to win!

I need you to invest in my hard work and vision by voting for me as Southern Region Coordinator at the state convention. I will not be seeking re-election as Secretary because my strengths are best utilized in this new position. Your vote helps us grow our party by supporting the work I’ve already put into bolstering our county affiliates, equipping our future candidates, and running seriously competitive local elections.


Eviction Defense Class August 19th!

Rising rents got you stressed out?
Feeling squeezed by gentrification?
Is your landlord refusing to make necessary repairs?

You need to come to this event!

I work as a registered legal document assistant and I provide low cost legal self help services to tenants in the Los Angeles area.

Lately, I’ve been overwhelmed by requests for landlord-tenant help so I’m hosting a series of free workshops across LA County in order to help as many people as possible.

The event will be hosted in the local/home office of The Law Office of Jerry J. Kaufman. There’s a small building in the back, and it will be marked appropriately with signs on the day of the event. There’s plenty of street parking in this neighborhood.

Please read the FAQ and then post additional questions in the comments.


Q. What kind of legal topics will you be discussing?
A. Many things landlord-tenant related. I’ll be going over the entire eviction process, dicussing rent control, how to negotiate with your landlord, and explaining where renters rights in California originated.

Q. Can I bring my legal papers to the clinic?
A. Yes! I may not have time to go over them in detail but please bring them anyway! If I have time, I’ll do it.

Q. Can I bring a friend?
A. Yes! Please RSVP on behalf of your friend so that I know how many people will be attending. **I can comfortably fit 20 people in the space**

Sat , August 19th, 2 PM · 12011 Emelita St, Valley Village, CA

Eviction Defense Class In the Works!

I’ve been working diligently on an easy, comprehensive eviction defense online class for all of the renters in Los Angeles County.  This class is going to answer all of your burning questions – no matter what your budget is and no matter what your level of investment is.  From beginners / bare bones types, to thorough, meticulous, hose your landlord in Court enthusiasts, this class series will have exactly what you’re looking for.


Stay tuned for more details! All of the classes will be affordable – much more affordable than an attorney – and the first class is free! I’ll always stand by my commitment to helping the people of Los Angeles, no matter what their budget is.

Highland Park Tenants’ Rights Workshop

Gentrification Is Happening in Highland Park. How Can You Protect Yourself?

At this free workshop, you will learn about Los Angeles rent control laws and the impact these laws have on renters in neighborhoods undergoing gentrification.

The topics covered in this lecture will be rent control, relocation fees, negotiating repairs to your apartment, dealing with toxic mold, unlawful eviction, 3 Day Notices to Quit and how to respond to an eviction Summons.

Come find out how you can protect yourself – especially if you cannot afford an attorney. Angela McArdle, registered legal document assistant and tenants’ rights paralegal, will explain the ins & outs of tenant law. There will be a short Q & A and everyone will receive free self-help guides.

Date: May 7, 2017
Time: 2 – 4pm
Location: Metro Studio LA
114 N Ave. 58
Highland Park, CA 90042

**Please email angela@angelamcardleforcongress.com so that I can get an accurate headcount of how many people will truly be attending. Space is limited.**